I was a nudist when I was in my early teens

I’m Geoff from Australia. I’m 47 now, but I was a nudist when I was in my early teens, like you, realised that lady-naturists.
I shared a bedroom with my 2 younger brothers, sleeping in the top bunk of a bunk bed. Our house was very small. I remember bathing with one of my brothers, Garry, right up to my early teens. My youngest brother, Ian, and sister Julie, who was younger still, also bathed together. At all other times, though, we wore clothes, though in the hot Aussie summers, it was often only shorts and undies. My sister always wore a shirt as well. None of my family were nudists, and my mum was from a strict Catholic background. I’ve never seen her nude.
I do remember all of us boys and dad showering nude in the dressing sheds at the beach, and how often there were men sunbaking nude in the open courtyard in the middle of the dressing pavillion. I didn’t think anything was wrong with that. When I was 12, I was at high school and my class went to the beach for an excursion. It was an all boys school. I remember one of my classmates (his name was Geoff too!) taking off his swimmers and skinny-dipping in a rock pool. I wasn’t quite game enough to do that, but I did have a very strong desire to swim nude.
While I didn’t swim nude, I did sleep nude. I’d wear pyjamas to bed, then take them off. They always looked worn because I’d shove them down under the covers. I was never comfortable if I had to sleep in pyjamas.
I didn’t know anything about nudism, and wondered whether I was strange or something, but I started to go nude at home when everyone else was out. I nearly got caught nude by an elderly guy who used to visit us regularly. I had actually gone out the back door nude (it was early evening), and I had to dart back inside quickly, close the door, and act like no-one was home!
Another thing I did was to go to bed later than anyone else. It became my job to lock up the back door at night before going to bed. I used this as an opportunity to be nude, even in the middle of winter. I loved being nude under the stars! Occasionally, I’d walk or run around the block nude (I’d have been about 15-17 when I did this). It was a bit daring, going by the houses of all the neighbours who knew me so well, with not a stitch on! The last stretch of the run was down the main road and round the corner into our street, and once I remember the driver of a car coming up the main road honking at me! That was a real rush – someone had seen me! I’d never had the courage (unlike other young people whose stories are on this site) to tell my parents I wanted to go nude. At the end of my final year of high school, I turned 18 and went on a trip for about 10 days with some of my school mates and one of our teachers. We camped in the grounds of the local Catholic primary school and there were a number of beaches nearby. One night, wearing only a pair of Speedo swimmers, I went out by myself to one of the beaches. I quickly took them off, and ran into the water nude. It was wonderful! I decided to stay nude after finishing my swim, and walked up from the beach to the nearby road. It was probably about 11pm, so I thought I’d go for a jog in the nude. I decided to put my swimmers down in a location I’d remember, so I could chicken out. It was such a buzz! Would you believe I accidentally jogged past the Police Station in the nude? Again, a couple of car drivers honked, but streakers were fairly common then!
latin-nudistsI first went nude in front of others of my age at a nude beach when going to University, and that was usually a very positive experience. It was also great to see that there were girls who enjoyed being nude too!

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