Our first time at a nudist resort was so quiet and peaceful

I never thought I would never become a nudist nor I had ever thought about what it was like to be naked around others. That should change soon, when I married my husband. We had just built a new house and moved to the day after our wedding. 25That was 1980 and in the middle of August and hot. We were both 20 years old and did not know much about anything. We have both worked and went back to work right a way. No holiday in 1980 with 13 1 / 2% interest. So we would come home from work and without A / C in the house we would walk in through the laundry room and put our work clothes and go up naked to shower and cool down. We never thought anything about our new home naked. We started to sit around naked more and more, but once in a while my sister would be over, and without knocking would go in so we would go and dress. One day, asked “what’s that … a nudist colony? And for the first time made us wonder … we are to enjoy nudist cool in our own home? We soon realized, was that what we have, without realizing it.

This winter, a blazing hearth and the remaining at home we were talking about nude, when others are like us around our area. Not knowing how to find out, we went to a porn shop to see if everything was there in the periodicals. We really see anything that we ever interested, we finally asked the clerk, and he showed us a magazine with personal ads in it. There we found what sounded like a nudist and the writer allows us to address without the purchase of porn mag copy. We came home and wrote the pair immediately. We soon got a call from them, and we agreed to meet them the following weekend. We were nervous, but ready to meet them. It went very well and they gave us local places we could join.

30Our first time at a nudist resort was so quiet and peaceful. We were hooked and we both knew 100% sure we were nudists and when my sister came after that we no longer went for the clothes. We even invited her to a beach walk with us and they later found out it was naked, and clothed them remained but loved the idea, we were nudists and felt so free. She repeated this statement for years. It has to feel at ease to have their support, and if my mom found out she would take us from Kid nudist colonies.

It has a wonderful life for us. It is going to 28 years for us and only wish more people we said about nudism in the 80 years it would have spread faster with more help. Spread the good news to friends and family.

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    Helga Cachola - December 16, 2016

    I'd love to apply tanning oil all over your naked body!

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    aniceman - December 22, 2016

    You found a new locatio for your payd models?

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    nrg8 - December 24, 2016

    Very well done as usual. The hobbit was hoot. The pudenda on the other hand is problematic. The woman appears to have an inguinal hernia that should be repaired.

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