There was a water park/ theme park that I used to attend many years ago

naturist-filmsThere was a water park/ theme park that I used to attend many years ago. The signage at the locker rooms for the water park was very poor. Moreover, the entrance took people right past a row of changing booths with no curtains, or a clear view of some of the showers. This led to a situation where unknowing women, sometimes with their youngsters in tow, would wander in, only to find me or other men in a nude state. The results were always one of two things. Either A) the woman would apologize, I would say, “That’s okay,” and the woman would leave or cool.gif the woman would seem stunned and stand there . I would say, ” This is the men’s locker room.” The woman would nod and leave.

The textile public swimming pool I belonged to before I moved this year had a men’s locker that often found women wandering in, thinking they were on the lady’s side. Upon seeing me or other nude men, they would always, quietly, turn and leave, or apologize and leave. I would say it happened maybe once or twice a year. Only once did I ever hear one of the men express annoyance.

On the rest room usage, I was once at a visitor’s center at a national park where there was a long line of ladies outside both the ladies, and the men’s room. As I approached the men’s room, one of the ladies informed me, ” if you just need to use the urinal, you can go right in. As none of the ladies in line disputed that, I bypassed them and used the urinal. Nobody seemed to care. When I was at an airport in a foreign country a few years back, I walked into the men’s room to find a lady cleaning the floors. I turned around, to look for another rest room, but she told me, ” No no, you can use ( the facility).” Again, neither of us seemed to care, so all was well.

I asked my wife if she had ever noticed any guys wandering into the ladies locker room. She told me that only once did she ever see such a thing. Once, while she was at our textile pool, changing clothes, she heard the female attendant shout, ” Workmen are coming through the locker room.” Escorted by the attendant, 2 male workers walked through, inspecting some work that had been done. My wife was not visible to them at the time and nobody was using the showers, which had no curtains.

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      Jodie - March 24, 2017

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