today spent my first time on a nude beach today

I’m an early twenties, some-what attractive English male and today spent my first time on a nude beach today.
The beach was part of a larger clothing-required beach, but was segregated by a large stone embankment. Anyway the day before I’d seen it and thought ‘Why not? Can’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it. Get a bit of all over sunning’
So today at about noon I get to the beach in shirt and shorts. Absoultely terrified by this point I laid the towel, stipped off and sprayed up a bit. I’d brought a book to keep me distracted although I was slightly perplexed at how normal it all was. I was naked, and nobody cared! I immediately began feel disgust at the people who were walking through fully clothed to sneak a peek instead of walking around the accidental-pussy-showingembankment. One other thing I also noticed was the age/gender misbalance. Maybe I just wasn’t at the right place but the place was majoritively composed of males aged 30 and above. I was pretty certain I was the youngest there.
Anyway, through a combination of nerves and being surrounded by naked people a certain organ began to stir. Of course I lay on my stomach, but it would not go away. It wasn’t completely erect, but the sort of semi variety that, when lying on your back, it lays to rest facing upwards towards your stomach, instead of down towards the feet. After a while lying on my front I gave up the hope it would go away I turned over with it lying on my stomach, hoping nobody would complain. I just stuck to my book and ignored it and it did subside somewhat. Did I do the right thing there? I mean, at least I wasn’t flaunting it and hopefully it wpon’t occur if I visit again.
On that note, I’m not entirely sure if it’s my cup of tea. It may have just been the nerves of the concept, but once I was doing it I was pretty much fine. In future though I would like to take somebody with my instead of going on my own because I found the most comfort and relief was had when talking to others.
So in the end I think it’s a case of if it’s available I’ll do it, as I don’t see much point in getting tanlines and wet swimwear, but I don’t think I could subscribe to full time nudism.

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